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Miss Universe/World/Earth Hungary 2011 will be held on July 14, 2011 - Meet the contestants

Miss Universe/World/Earth Hungary 2011

The final will be held on 14 July.

Winner will go to Miss World
1st runner-up will go to Miss Universe
2nd runner-up will go to Miss Earth

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Miss Universe/World/Earth Hungary 2011

Contestants - Part 1

Originally 24 girls competed for the title, but 4 of them were eliminated.

Marianna Bertók

Patricia Firts

Evelin Gróf

Anikó Hódi

Contestants - Part 2

Renáta Katona

Ágnes Konkoly

Betta Lipcsei

Mercédesz Lukács

Contestants - Part 3

Vivien Mészáros

Marianna Mihályi

Nikolett Németh

Laura Pótári

Contestants - Part 4

Lili Regős - Miss Sport special award winner

Bettina Ruzsás

Edina Siha

Dóra Szabó - Miss Talent special award winner

Contestants - Part 5

Szandra Szentiványi

Linda Szunai - Miss Bikini special award winner

Bernadett Vigmann

Fanni Weisz

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