Saturday, March 19, 2011

Former Miss Peru arrested for Drunk Driving

LIMA, March 18 -- Driving out of control while intoxicated, ex Miss Peru Universe 2007, Jimena Elías Roca, was arrested by police early this morning.

Around 3:00 a.m., the model raised alarm in the Lima district of San Borja after crashing into several cars, including a serenazgo (local security) vehicle.

She was taken to the Surquillo police station. She tested positive for blood alcohol content, meaning that in keeping with regulations, she will not be able to drive for one year.

Police stated that Elías was driving a cherry-colored Honda Civic and was with a friend. Both women had left a night club in San Borja, heading for Surco. The model was released from police custody later in the morning.

News outlets in Peru had a field day with this controversy. Another former Miss Peru, Karen Schwarz, who represented the country in Miss Universe 2009, declared to local outlets that Jimena is ‘setting a bad example’ and that she is a ‘bad role model’.

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