Friday, March 11, 2011

Femina Miss India 2011 - MISS INDIA 2011 FINALIST - Deepika Bajwa's Photos/Profile/Interview

Name: Deepika Bajwa

Age: 22 years

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 54 kgs

Vital statistics (in inches): 32-25-36

Profession: Student and model

Place of birth: Mumbai

City: Pune


Relationship Status:


The last movie that made you cry?
The bucket list

If a star were to give a solo performance for you, whom would you prefer and why?
Natalie Portman, I wish if she could do a ballet for me as she did in Black Swan with all the drama.

The weirdest thing you have ever tasted...
A squid.

What gives you a high?

If you win Miss India, what would be your first big splurge?
A vacation on the Alaskan cruise.

One law you would like to break...
I always abide by the law.

Your best kept secret...
Is still the best kept secret.

A tune you cannot get out of your mind...
Love story by Taylor Swift. I think I heard it way too many times.

Coolest pick up line you have ever heard?
I don’t think pick up lines are cool.

What is the craziest rumour you have heard about yourself?
No one has attempted to start one yet.

Do you have a tattoo or a piercing in a secret place? Where?

What is the sexiest single article of clothing a woman can wear?
A sari

Your craziest experience in life so far?
I like playing it safe.

How sexy is intellect?
Wisdom is what makes a person appealing. Its not how they look or how they dress, but how they make you go weak in the knees with their intelligence and wit.

Is nude photography an art form or an entertainment? Or it can be both?
It depends on individual perspectives. In my opinion I’d like to consider it an art form.

With which celebrity would you like to go on a vacation...
I’d have to say the novelist Jeffrey Archer. I love his books and I’d love if he could narrate some of his suspense thrillers to me which I’m a big fan of.

Do you think live-in is a good way to check out a relationship?
If the two people in question believe its important to know each other better before committing to marriage, its absolutely acceptable and others should refrain from interfering because it’s a question of their lives.

Your body to you means...
A five feet nine figure that I’ve come to love a lot.

A man’s most attractive feature...
His intelligence

Success or riches?
Success. Of course its not like no one wants to be rich, but I believe success gives a feeling of fulfillment and a new meaning to life and is more important.

One word in which you would like to be described to a guy...Self-aware

Favorite Actor: Presently its Colin Farrel, Gerard Butler.

Favorite Sportsman: Mahesh Bhupati and Leander Paes

Favorite Movies: Shawshank Redemption, Chak De India

Love is...The warmth that makes life comfortable and worth living.

Food is...Food is for thought.

Modelling assignments: Shoots for Femina(Pune), Citadel and Lifestyle magazines, Commercial Print ads for:Ranka Jewellers(Pune), Rajmal Lakhichand(Pune), Abs Gym(Pune), Fisher Footwear(Chennai), Pothy's Textiles(Chennai), Bharat website(Hyderabad), Goel Ganga Developers(Pune), Vanshaj Builders(Pune), Sreelakshmi Jewellers, Commercial Ads: Eeenadu Newspaper(Hyderabad), CADD Computer Academy(Chennai), CJS Jewellers(Vellore), Sreelakshmi Jewellers(Pondichcherry)


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